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About Me/Instructor (Cath Schofield)



My passion in life has always been animals. I own an 9 year old labrador called Red, a 10 year old husky cross called Lizzie and an irish setter puppy called Wispa. For at least 15 years I have been instructing pet dog handlers.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training and am a member of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology's Association of Animal Behaviour Affiliates & Practitioners. I also have a Think Dog Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Training (COAPE) NOCN. For both these qualifications I was tutored by: Dr. Peter Neville DHc BSc (Hons),Val Strong MSc and Robert Falconer-Taylor BVetMed, MRCVS.rus&lola
I was a full time teacher for over ten years prior to becoming an animal behaviourist. This experience along with my own studying and rehabilitation of rescue dogs has given me an excellent background for animal behaviour and training. It is a job that I thoroughly enjoy





CPD to be completed /completed During 2019


July 2019 Games for you and your dog Kay Attwood 7 hours

July 2019 It's Fun to Focus Workshop Kay Attwood 7 hours

March 2019 First Aid Course 6 hours

March 2019 Reactive Dog Workshop by Sue Kewley 6 hours

February 2019 Scent workshop Sally Talbot 4 hours


CPD to be completed /completed During 2018

Nov 2018 Scent 4 Talkingdogs Scentwork Sally Talbot

Sept 2018 Developing Older Dogs Sian Ryan, Pam Mckinnon (plus others)

July 2018 Joined Absolute Dogs Training Academy

July 2018 Working with vets as a non vet behaviourist Webinar Vicky Payne BVetMed MRCVS 1.5 hr

June 2018 Behaviour and welfare of aging dogs: from normal aging to cognitive dysfunction syndrome (Webinar) Xavier Manteca Vilanova

June 2018 Parkour Workshop Sian Ryan 6 hours

May 2018 Pharmacology Webinar Vicky Payne BVetMed MRCVS

May 2018 Interactive Play Webinar Craig Ogilvie

May 2018 Holistic Practice Webinar with Vicky Payne

April 2018 Scent 8 Talkingdogs Scentwork Pam Mckinnon 6 hours

March 2018 Holistic Practice with Vicky Payne BVetMed MRCVS Webinar 1 hr 47 mins

March 2018 Diet and Behaviour Webinar with Val Strong MSc

January 2018 Naughty But Nice Tour Cambridge by Absolute Dogs (Tom and Lauren)


CPD completed During 2017


November 2017 Scent 7 Talkingdogs Scentwork Pam Mckinnon

July 2017 Life Skills for Puppies (train the trainer 5 day course) University of Lincoln

June 2017 CAPBT Regional Group Workshop (Multi Dog Households)

May 2017 Reactive Dog Workshop by Sue Kewley and Clair Hickson

May 2017 CAPBT Regional Group Workshop (Rally O)

May 2017 First Aid Course at Meadowfarm Hydrotherapy

March 2017 COAPE Diploma Refresher Course

February 2017 S.I.T + Pro (Naughty But Nice Course) by Absolute Dogs (Tom and Lauren)


CPD Completed During 2016

September 2016 CAPBT Regional Group Workshop Meadow Farm Hydrotheraphy. Rachel Watkins

August 2016 COAPE Breakthrough Diet. Nutrtional and Feeding Regime. Val Strong

July 2016 CAPBT Regional Group Workshop (Rally O, behaviour modification programmes, confidence buiding exercises)

May 2016 Seminar on Dog Aggression Chirag Patel

April 2016 CAPBT conference (pain in animals, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and accupuncture)


CPD Completed During 2015

October 2015 Talking Dogs Scent 4 Workshop Pam McKinnon


CPD Completed During 2014

November 2014 Talking Dogs Scent 3 Workshop Pam McKinnon

November 2014 Talking Dogs Scent 6 Workshop Pam McKinnon. I am now an accredited handler!

Oct 2014 Predatory Chase Seminar David Ryan

Sept 2014 CAPBT/UKWCT seminar: Living in a world of wolves. Wolf Dogs and Wolf Look a likes.

June 2014 Talking Dogs Scent 5 Workshop Pam McKinnon

May 2014 Talking Dogs Scent 4 Workshop Pam McKinnon

February 2014 Talking Dogs Scent 2 Workshop Pam McKinnon


CPD Completed During 2013

November 2013 Learn To Talk Dog 90 day online course by Sarah Whitehead

November 2013 Ultimate Self Control Seminar Sian Ryan MSc Hannah Wright PhD COAPE CAPBT

October 2013 Sarah Whitehead Webinar on Pre-emptive aggression

October 2013 CAPBT Webinar Colin Franklin - Gundog Training

October 2013 Sue Sternberg Seminar - Dog - Dog Interactions

September 2013 Patricia McConnell Webinar - Canine Behaviour and Acoustics

September 2013 Helen Zulch Webinar - How to help your puppy learn the right things.

July 2013 Ian Dunbar Seminar - Crucial & Cutting Edge Concepts in Dog Training

June 2013 Julie Bedford Seminar - Dog Aggression

April 2013 Animal Aiders First Aid Course

January 2013 CAPBT Webinar - Dogs - Chase they may! Prevent this in a reward based and relationship building way